Malcolm Sutton introducing The Coming Envelope Issue 7 with a reading from Kyle Buckley at the 2013 BookThug Spring Launch

The Coming Envelope Issue 7 features new work by 5 writers: Valerie Witte, whose epistolary gothic narrative startles us with a language of ardour that runs alongside being; Masha Tupitsyn, whose “Reel Men” nouveau-romanly disorients us while compelling us to evaluate just what kind of relationship a contemporary relationship is; Moez Surani, whose endpaper poems spatialize quotidian events like maps of soft desires; Jesse Huisken, whose “Planning Consultation” reconstellates the black noise of Toronto, bringing the background to foreground and turning object-words into word-objects; and Kyle Buckley, whose prose slips warninglessly from critical to personal, in affective and beautiful collisions.