Malcolm Sutton introducing The Coming Envelope Issue 6 at the 2012 BookThug Fall Launch

Five writers have contributed work to Issue 6: Michael Boughn, who gives us three prose poems that lovingly, line by line, turn by turn, disorient and reorient us, kaleidoscoping the reader’s eye’s lens; Tamara Faith Berger, whose short piece uproots our thinking and sensibilities on sex and pornography and violence; Christopher Higgs, who cuts up, reorders and remixes Pirandello’s 6 Characters in Search of an Author to send an author on the task searching for 6 reality-evading, difficult characters; Alan Reed, whose pointillist dialogue of lovers branches into isolate portraits; and Alex Licker, who both sends up and celebrates elevated aphorisms, here dissecting the functions of contemporary fashion (high-waisted pants and shorts, horse-riding wear, patches and badges, racing stripes, and earrings).