The VideoFag Book Edited by William Ellis and Jordan Tannahill


The VideoFag Book Edited by William Ellis and Jordan Tannahill



In October 2012, lovers William Ellis and Jordan Tannahill moved into a former barbershop in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighbourhood and turned it into an art space called Videofag. Over the next four years Videofag became a hub for counterculture in the city, playing host to a litany of performances, screenings, parties, exhibitions, and all manner of queer fuckery. But hosting a city in their house took its toll and eventually William and Jordan broke up, closing the space for good in June 2016.

The Videofag Book is a chronicle of those four years told in three parts: a personal history of Videofag by William and Jordan; a community oral history compiled by Chandler Levack; and A Man Vanishes, a noir theatrical thriller set at Videofag by playwright Greg MacArthur.

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Praise for Videofag:

“Videofag was one of our 2013 Heroes of the Year, earning the distinction as ‘a busy nexus of performance and art, a focal point for a wide assortment of communities, including the queer art scene, underground film culture, comedy, and theatre.’”

“The queer arts hub has served as the incubator for countless projects and artists over its life, becoming a critical meeting point for creators from around the city and across the country.”
Daily Xtra

Jordan Tannahill is a playwright and filmmaker currently living between his hometown of Ottawa and London, UK. His work has been presented in theatres and festivals across Canada and internationally. He won the 2014 Governor General’s Award for Drama for his book Age of Minority: Three Solo Plays and was shortlisted for the prize again in 2016 for Concord Floral (also a recipient of the 2015 Carol Bolt Award). Tannahill’s book Theatre of the Unimpressed: In Search of Vital Drama (2015) was called “essential reading for anyone interested in the state of contemporary theatre and performance” by The Globe and Mail.

William Ellis is a performer whose work in theatre and dance includes Other Jesus by Evan Webber, Even This Old Town Was a Forest by Aurora Stewart de Peňa, WorkingOnWorkingOnUs by Andrew Tay, S h e e t s by Salvatore Antonio, and Greg MacArthur’s A Man Vanishes. He has performed for choreographer DA Hoskins in Machine Room, The Coating Project for the Luminato Festival, and This is a Costume Drama at Harborfront World Stage. Recently he received a Toronto Theatre Critics Award—Special Citation for Videofag, which he ran with Jordan Tannahill from 2008–16.

November 15, 2017 | Performing Arts | Memoir
9×6 inches | 220 pages
Condition: New
ISBN 9781771663625


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