Sports and Pastimes by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, Translated by Aimee Wall


Sports and Pastimes by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, Translated by Aimee Wall



This week, I sang karaoke, I swam, I drank, I ate poutine, I rock climbed, I did coke, I went road biking, I ate hundred-buck plates, I did yoga while hungover, I made $4K in fifteen minutes, I took a selfie, I danced, I made out, I fucked in an alley, I read Nietzsche, I read gossip rags, I appeared in gossip rags, I drank wine at a movie opening, I was recognized on the street, I jogged, I despised a lot of people, I recounted the sum of all my combined wealth, beauty, money, youth, time— especially time—and I spent it all. Basically, I avoided asking myself questions.

Inspired by Erik Satie’s work of the same name, Sports and Pastimes is the latest novel by acclaimed Montreal playwright and author Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard.

Translated by Aimee Wall, whose translation of Vickie Gendreau’s Testament drew critical attention, this fast-paced story follows the daily life, at once empty and overloaded, of a group of friends who spend all their energy trying to distract themselves with huge hits of endorphins, art and various substances, navigating pleasure and boredom, the extraordinary and the banal, as (more or less) worthy representatives of the best and worst of what their era has to offer. Consider a mashup of Girls and Less Than Zero and you are pretty close to the fun and games of Sports and Pastimes.

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Praise for Sports and Pastimes (Sports et divertissements):

“The novel of rich, apathetic youth has been done so often that it has almost become
a genre of its own, but rarely has it been written in Quebec with such mastery of its
codes as by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard.” —Dominic Tardif, La Presse

Press Coverage for Sports and Pastimes:

Most Anticipated Fall 2017 Fiction Preview —49th Shelf

Born in Plessisville, Quebec, Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard has published two
novels in French: Royal and Sports et divertissements (longlisted for the 2014 Prix
des librairies). Baril Guérard also co-authored the novel Les cicatrisés de Saint-Sauvignac,
stories of water slides
and Ménageries, a collection of illustrated tales—both
published by Les Éditions de ta Mère. He has written a number of plays, including
Quatre Contes Crades / La damné de Lachine and other crazed tales, and Baiseries,
and wrote and directed Tranche-Cul/Cut-Throat, a play presented at Montreal’s
Théâtre Espace Libre in December 2014 and in London, UK, in 2016.

Newfoundland-native Aimee Wall is a writer and translator. Her essays, short
fiction, and criticism have appeared in numerous publications, including
Maisonneuve, Matrix Magazine, the Montreal Review of Books, and Lemon Hound.
Wall’s latest translation is of Vickie Gendreau’s Testament (BookThug, 2016). She
lives in Montreal.

October 25 , 2017 | Fiction | Literature in Translation
8×5.25 inches | 208 pages
Condition: New
ISBN 9781771663502


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