Chaos & Star Records

Welcome to Chaos & Star, a division of BookThug Inc.

Born out of a conversation with musician and longtime poetry fan Andrew Whiteman (of such acts as Broken Social Scene, Apostle of Hustle and AroarA), Chaos & Star will provide a space where two different modes of creativity and listening can converge. Whiteman, who has been working on a side project called “Sonic Poetry” for the past few years, wondered what it would be like to bring writers and musicians together in order to reinvent both mediums: could writing be experienced as music and music experienced as writing? Can contemporary writing be “pop”? Can contemporary music be “literary”?

BookThug loved these questions and decided to respond by venturing into new territory, as we so often do. The result? Chaos & Star: A new record label that will produce a series of limited edition 7” vinyl recordings for you to collect and enjoy.

Andrew Whiteman has teamed up with Jacob Wren to produce our first release: Rich & Poor: The Single. This two-sided interpretation of Jacob’s wildly timely novel about the haves and the have-nots will offer readers and listeners the opportunity to engage with its themes in new ways. At the same time, fans of Whiteman’s work will have the opportunity to hear his sonic output brush up against the printed word once more — something he has continued to do time and time again since he released that first album Fear of Zen so many years ago.

Also in production at this time are two other singles. No Work Finished Here: The Single will feature Liz Worth teaming up with “The Zeus Twins” — Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson of Toronto indie band Zeus — to explore the light and the dark of Liz’s re-writing of Andy Warhol’s “unreadable novel” a. And Jennifer LoveGrove is collaborating with Winnipeg-based musicians and songwriters Christine Fellows and John K. Samson to create Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes: The Single. We are excited to hear what comes of these collaborations, as we hope you are.

Chaos & Star singles will be available on vinyl as long as there is stock. Once stock is depleted these unique works will be made available for purchase as a far less collectable digital download.